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New Way Press

Books that Change Lives
Educational * Inspirational * Transformational

New Way Press is exactly what our name suggests; we are a new way of publishing. We know that there are many good educational, inspirational and transformative books that have been written and never reached the market. At New Way Press, we accept submissions just like the traditional publishing companies and we determine if they meet our standards before we will publish them. We look for well-written books that have the potential to inspire, educate, and transform the reader. If your book is accepted, you have nearly complete artistic control over the content and illustrations. We will steer you regarding the cover and we reserve the right to set the price.

We accept nonfiction, fiction, and children’s books.  We think of our genre as books that are inspirational, educational, and/or transformational.

If you are interested in submitting to New Way Press, use the contact us form to send us a brief description of your book and its audience. Please do not send an unsolicited manuscript. If we like your concept we will send you the submission guidelines.