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  • Thompson Twins and the Time Machine

    Carlos, Letty and their friends face surprising challenges when they decide to build a time machine for their fifth grade science fair project. Things take an interesting turn when they seek the help from renowned physics professor and time travel expert Dr. Ronald Mallett. What if their time machine really works?

  • The Sympathy of All Things

    What would you do if you thought your life got off to the wrong start? Leah Holden thinks she can erase her past when she packs up her two girls and flies six thousand miles to be with her husband Mike at Clark Air Base in the Philippines. Even though she realizes this move means four more years in a loveless marriage, inside the pull for adventure is strong. She needs to find what's missing in her life. Shortly after her arrival, she meets a young enlisted man who talks of poetry, dreams, and Jungian philosophy. And before long she finds herself in the center of a storm she created. Can you change your destiny with only one decision? Or can you change it at all?

  • Transformed by Writing: How to Change Your Life and Change the World with the Power of Story

    Have you ever wanted to write a book or screenplay that changes people’s lives? What’s your story? Transformed by Writing: How to Change Your Life and Change the World with the Power of Story reveals personal insights on the therapeutic healing power of storytelling. The book is especially targeted to people who have stories they want to tell to the world and describes Hammond’s personal journey using creative writing as a therapeutic tool to overcome heroin addiction and go from prison to prosperity. In addition to practical advice for people who want to become published authors so they can share their stories with the world, Hammond provides behind-the-scenes details on writing for publication and adapting your stories to film and television.

  • Achieve in 5!: Transform your life in just five minutes a day

    Do you have a project that you would like to complete, a book you would like to write, a dream you would like to make come true, and yet you just don't have the time to make any of those things happen? Achieve in 5! is a revolutionary technique that will allow you to complete unfinished projects in just five minutes a day. This book will change your outlook on what effort is required for you to be successful in accomplishing that elusive goal.

  • The Light

    “Have you seen the Light?” Abel Adams, a brilliant but troubled young misfit desperately seeks freedom, love, and spiritual enlightenment while battling drug addiction, dark forces, and strange temptations. He zigzags through a mysterious labyrinth of crime and the occult along his hazardous quest toward redemption and recovery. The Light is the mystical odyssey of a prodigal son whose spiritual journey tumbles like a rollercoaster through a wild mix of philosophical, psychological, and religious experiences amid the turbulent post-1960s counterculture.

  • Ready When You Are: Cecil B. DeMille’s Ten Commandments for Success

    What if the legendary director who invented Hollywood and the Biblical epic offered you his personal secrets to great achievement? Ready When You Are: Cecil B. DeMille's Ten Commandments for Success weaves the timeless wisdom of one of the greatest showman on earth into a detailed roadmap for successful living today. Cecil B. DeMille is famous for such epics as The Ten Commandments, Cleopatra, and the Greatest Show on Earth and was one of the founders of early Hollywood and Paramount Pictures with seventy feature films to his credit. Acclaimed filmmaker Steven Spielberg credits DeMille for inspiring him to make movies and "dream for a living." Spielberg says, "C.B. DeMille showed me how to put a lot of money up on the big screen and then make the studios pay for it." DeMille's granddaughter, Cecilia de Mille Presley said that she considers Spielberg "the DeMille of today. Like Grandfather, he has consistently been able to capture vast audiences. He has had great commercial success without losing his personal vision or compromising his integrity."

  • C.B. Demille: The Man Who Invented Hollywood

    Citizen Kane meets Sunset Boulevard Creative visionary,Cecil B. DeMille, battles a tight-fisted money man and his own vices to make Biblical epics and usher in Hollywood's Golden Age. Complications arise when his relationship with his two mistresses threatens to destroy his family. C.B. DeMille is the story of Cecil B. DeMille, the famous Hollywood director/producer of such hits as Cleopatra, The Ten Commandments, The Greatest Show On Earth, and many others. In this novelization of the beginnings of director Cecil B. DeMille's film career starting as a failed stage actor in the early 1900's, Hammond reveals the director's early family life in New York City, his relationship with his wife and young daughter and exposes his evident character flaws. In C. B. DeMille: The Man Who Invented Hollywood, the reader will discover the origins of the then burgeoning film industry and what led DeMille to leave New York for a little-known southern California town called Hollywoodland, to follow his new calling as a film director. Once out west, DeMille, along with Adolph Zukor and Jesse L. Lasky, form Famous Players-Lasky Corporation later changed to Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation the forerunner to Paramount Pictures Studios.

  • Blockbuster Resumes: Insider secrets to dazzle your audience and blow away the competition

    Have you ever sent out your resume to prospective employers and wondered why you never heard back from them? Were you surprised when the world didn’t beat a path to your door offering you your dream job? Or maybe you are one of the millions of people who are trying to change careers and wondered why nobody is giving you a chance to prove your skills. Have you ever thought that your resume could be part of the problem? Blockbuster Resumes combines the timeless wisdom of Cecil B. DeMille, the man who invented Hollywood with the latest trends and insider secrets to provide you with an easy-to-follow strategy to dazzle your audience and blow away the competition. The book also includes the specific tools and resources that you can begin using to create your own Blockbuster Resume today.

  • Finding the Light Within

    Finding the Light Within: A Spiritual Guide to True Peace, Happiness, Freedom, and Enlightenment offers: - How to transform your life in as little as 5 minutes a day - The three keys to personal transformation and enlightenment - A new way of looking at the world that will change your life forever - Simple and practical ways to overcome problems and negative situations - Inspiration and hope that you will want to share with your friends and loved ones - Previously banned transformational writings from little-known 17th century mystics A word of caution: you may have some of your preconceptions destroyed and your perception of reality permanently altered. What you are about to read may open your mind and heart to a completely new way of seeing things. May the eyes of your understanding be enlightened.